Premium Lens Implants

Although most patients who desire to eliminate or reduce dependency on glasses or contact lenses can opt for laser vision correction, usually by LASIK, some patients are not able to have laser surgery for a number of reasons, and until recently had no surgical options. While LASER BASED VISION CORRECTION (REFRACTIVE) SURGERY will remain the most commonly used method over the next several years, LENS BASED REFRACTIVE SURGERY is now a viable option for those patients who cannot benefit from laser surgery.

Laser surgery alters the shape of the cornea, the very front surface of the eye, whereas in one method of LENS BASED REFRACTIVE surgery an artificial new lens is added to the inside of the eye, leaving both the cornea and the natural lens of the eye unchanged. In another form of LENS BASED SURGERY, the natural lens of the eye is removed and exchanged for a man-made artificial lens which may also free the patient from the need for corrective eyeglasses or contact lenses. Generally, the type and amount of optical (eyeglass or contact lens prescription) error, the age of the patient, and the individual characteristics of the patients eyes are used to determine which type of procedure offers the best opportunity for the patient.

Clear Lens Extraction - CLE

Premium Lens Implants | Clear Lens Extraction | Toric IOLs | Los Angeles CA | Beverly Hills CA | Santa Monica CAClear lens extraction, also called refractive lens exchange, replaces the natural lens with or without a multifocal intraocular lens (IOL) in patients wishing to correct high farsightedness, high nearsightedness or presbyopia without undergoing a corneal modification procedure such as LASIK. The procedure is the same as that used in cataract surgery; the only difference is that CLE is performed to achieve refractive correction rather than cataract removal. CLE has a low risk of side effects, involves a rapid recovery, and offers patients dramatic improvement in vision quality. After surgery, patients enjoy clearer vision and greater focusing power.

You may be a candidate for clear lens extraction if you:

  • Want to reduce or eliminate your dependence on glasses or contacts
  • Have high myopia (nearsightedness), high hyperopia (farsightedness), or presbyopia, with or without cataract
  • Have early symptoms of cataracts

Monofocal: Aspheric Acrysof® Natural IOLs

Premium Lens Implants | Clear Lens Extraction | Toric IOLs | Los Angeles CA | Beverly Hills CA | Santa Monica CAOur practice now uses AcrySof® Natural IOLs in cataract surgery. These state-of-the-art lenses not only block ultraviolet light like other IOLs but also filter blue light. Research suggests that blue light may contribute to Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD), a progressive, irreversible disease that is one of the leading causes of blindness. Previously, patients lost the ability to filter blue light after cataract surgery, possibly increasing their risk for AMD. AcrySof lenses reduce this risk without affecting color perception or the ability to see in dim light.


Monofocal: Astigmatic Correction

Toric IOLs

Premium Lens Implants | Clear Lens Extraction | Toric IOLs | Los Angeles CA | Beverly Hills CA | Santa Monica CAToric IOLs are specially designed for patients with astigmatism. Traditionally, surgical correction of astigmatism required making a series of small incisions called Limbal Relaxing Incisions (LRI) around the cornea to make it more spherical instead of football-shaped. Implanting toric IOLs often improves vision due to astigmatism without the need for these extra incisions, and also allows patients to enjoy a faster, more comfortable recovery.


Multifocal Lens: ReSTOR®

Premium Lens Implants | Clear Lens Extraction | Toric IOLs | Los Angeles CA | Beverly Hills CA | Santa Monica CATraditionally, when a cataract develops, the eye lens is replaced with an artificial intraocular lens (IOL). The lens is usually focused for distance vision, requiring that the patient need to wear reading glasses or contact lenses to focus in on nearer objects.

Through recent advancements in lens technology, an IOL is now available that can provide the patient with a greater range of vision while reducing the need for glasses and contacts. The ReSTOR® intraocular lens provides a full range of functional vision for patients that desire a significant decrease in their dependence on glasses or contacts.


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