"Dear Advanced Vision Care,

I am so glad Brett connected to reschedule and he was so grateful to receive the drops. Thank you so much!!! We cannot tell you how much we appreciate you all!!!!

His new baby blues are truly astonishing...I look at him with amazement. Without you all and your capable hands and love for what you do, this would not have been possible. We praise God for you all!!!

Love and hugs...smile too...."

Beverly Hills, CA

"Dear Dr. Fram,

Thank you again for an unexpectedly pleasant visit to your office. I left feeling better informed, cared about and cared for. Thank you."

Beverly Hills, CA

"Dear Dr. Fram,

Well, you have made my world a better place – The eyes have it. I appreciate your good work."

Huntington Beach, CA

"Dear Dr. Maskett,

Just a note to thank you for the "gift of sight". I guess that I thought the second eye wouldn't make that much difference, but it sure does!

Needless to say I'm reading more than ever, watching TV as if it's a new form of media, and finding tiny objects (such as a sequin from a soya pillow).

Many, many thanks."

Sherman Oaks, CA

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