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Extended Depth of Focus Lens

What is an Extended Depth
of Focus Lens?

In traditional cataract surgery, the natural lens is removed and an artificial, monofocal lens is implanted. A mono-focal lens is designed to help you see clearly at a singular focal point, whether it be near, intermediate, or distant.

An extended depth of focus lens is a lifestyle or presbyopia-correcting lens. Its goal is to reduce your dependence on glasses and/or contacts following cataract surgery by giving you clear intermediate and distance vision.

How is the Extended Depth of Focus Lens different from a Multifocal Lens?

The Extended Depth of Focus lens uses a single, elongated focal point, rather than multiple foci, to enhance a patient’s depth of focus after cataract surgery. By using a singular, elongated focal point its aim is to reduce the post-operative glare and halos that have been reported with multifocal lenses.

Who is a Good Candidate for the
Extended Depth of Focus Lens?

If you are motivated to reduce your reliance on glasses and/or contacts after cataract surgery, the Extended Depth of Focus lens is a good option for you.

While the Extended Depth of Focus lens offers a great range of vision, we still recommend the use of glasses for activities in the near range such as sustained work with fine print and reading a book.

Schedule a consultation today and see if you are a candidate for an Extended Depth of Focus lens!

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