Masket Foundation

The Masket Foundation is the research and education arm of Advanced Vision Care in Los Angeles, California. It was established in 2013 to help support eye surgery research and to inform patients and the profession about our ongoing research and its impact on patient care. We at Advanced Vision Care believe that patients have the Right to See, that the public has the Right to Know, and that physicians have the Right to Learn.

Serendipity of life is how I met Dr. Nicole Fram in 2008. We immediately created a bond and shared the same 'patient first' philosophy. If it is good for the patient, it is good for the doctor and if it is good for the doctor, it is good for the industry. What sets us apart from other offices, is we have a clinical practice that is technology-driven with an academic slant. We developed the Masket Foundation to support our clinical research, treat the underserved, and educate the profession and the public.

Samuel Masket, MDFounding Partner at Advanced Vision Care



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